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  Empower Training Institute Inc. (ETI) is a human service entity that provides advocacy, resources, prevention, intervention, enrichment, growth, and development leadership training/workshops to families.  The motto of ETI is, " We train to Empower”, with an emphasis being placed on embracing one’s path, to a road toward wholeness, and this concept is carried out throughout the entire agency. 


Additional  services provided by Empower Training Institute Inc. are Black Table Talk Mentoring Program, Child and Family Visitation Monitoring Services, Human Trafficking Awareness, Limited Conservatorship, and Quality Control for Childcare Centers.  

Empower Training Institute  also provides support services to bridge  gaps  toward the destiny for individuals  with disabilities, and  host  symposiums that empowers the entire family.  Services are designed to  improve the standards of living at school, home, work, and in our community, while partnering and collaborating with local community based organizations.


Programs and Services

Human Trafficking is a form of Modern Day Slavery

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