Gaye Gordon is a facilitator who participates in Participative Leadership. As an adult learner, she strongly believes and practice Dr. Malcolm Knowles theory on Andragogy, of teaching and learning in the classroom. She brings in a course work practice from her experiences and academia.


In her classroom, students have an opportunity to draw on their life experiences while utilizing course content based on their work and family histories as well as educational experiences.  Gayle coordinates group discussions, peer-to-peer teaching, project learning, and lecture. She believes her role is to connect the students to develop a framework from their personal experiences.


During her undergraduate study, Gayle was introduced to the field of Human Services/Development, in which she felt was designed for her.  As she pursued her graduate studies, she was later introduced to the theory of Andragogy, and Gayle was intrigued at how the study of Human Development, and Andragogy empowered her with the understanding of how and why she learned the way that she did therefore she developed a desire to empower other adults with that same knowledge.


Human Development is a concept, which embodies the entire being.  In the area of Human Development,  

students are able to apply their life, and their colleagues’ experiences, to better understand their cognitive, emotional, social and physical processes through their life span. By reflecting on these experiences, students gain a better grasp of their own development.  Gayle enjoys working with diverse populations in the social service fields.

Empower Training Institute, Inc.(ETI) is a service industry whose purpose is to provide empowerment, and self-sufficiency to people who reside in South Los Angeles by providing services, and education. ETI provides useful and practical service and training to families.  We are committed  to meeting the needs of others. The agency targets hard to reach, high-risk, impoverished individuals, designed to build bridges among generations.


Our programs include improving the standards of living at school, home, work, and in the community, while providing economic stability, supervised visitation, education while building partnerships for the future with economics, and social justice in Southern California. The model is family-centered, preventive, comprehensive and continuous through integration and collaboration of services.


The services are also provided to design a bridge toward the destiny of youth who have been diagnosed with Developmental Disabilities in their emancipation from high school to adulthood.  Empower Training Institute inc. provides advocacy, enrichment workshops, and symposiums that empowers the entire family.

From The Desk of 
Gayle Gordon, M.Ed.,
CEO and Founder