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What is a Professional Supervised Visitation Monitor?

The role of a Professional  Supervised  Visitation Monitor is to be a neutral third-party paid to supervise the contact between a visiting parent and their child(ren). Visitor monitors ensure safety and security of child-parent interactions while documenting what is seen and heard during a visitation.  The monitor is a trained professional with the skills and the knowledge needed to assure a pleasure visit.

Supervised Visits
Supervised Custody Exchange
Reports/Court Appearances

Court Reports

Reports may be provided upon a verbal or written request by the parent or attorney requesting a report. A Summary Report consists of a list of visitation dates/times/locations/only. A Detailed Report gives a list of visitation dates/times/locations/and brief up to specific details of each visit.


Court Appearance

Monitor appears in court to testify at the request of either parent to give testimony of the visits observed. The parent will have to give the monitor notice to prepare and a hourly flat rate fee will be applied. 

A custody exchange is when one parent hands the child off to the other. If parents are unlikely to do this calmly and smoothly, they may need supervised exchanges (also called monitored or safe exchanges). In a supervised exchange, a neutral third party is present.

The supervised visitation will take place in a neutral public setting such as a park, restaurant, mall, museum, or a location agreed upon by involved parties or ordered by the court. ​The supervised visitation will take place at an on-site office setting set by the monitor.    

Intake Application

Both  parents must complete an intake appointment to discuss the agreement for service, rules, procedures,  visitation will take place at a agreed location 

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