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Quality Control for Childcare Centers can be defined as "part of quality management focusing on fulfilling requirements according to Education Code Title 22, Department of Social Services/Community Care Licensing requirements.


Benefits of Quality Control:

  • Compliance with Community Care Licensing 

  • Higher rating for Quality Start Program

  • Delivers greater employee autonomy

  • Demonstrates strengths and weakness of the employees

  • Academic Achievement for students

  • Identifying areas for further training

  • Improves accountability

  • Improves performance and profitability

  • Increased job satisfaction, morale and motivation

  • Learning about areas of your center that could be improved

  • Quality Childcare

  • Safety to students and staff 

  • Shows growth of the employees



Reviews files for participants

  • Reviews files for all staff

  • Determines missing documents

  • Informs the director if needed documents

  • Meets with the director 

  • Assured all required documents are posted in prominent areas of the facility

  • Develops a file for each student

  • Develops a file for staff

  • Develops a letter to parents for missing documents indicate a due date of needed documents 

  • Develops and implement SMART goals for the staff

  • Identify Professional Development training needed 

  • Inform the directors in writing of all missing documents indicating a due date of needed documents 

  • Meet with the director after the due dates of the document

  • Inform the facilities of the requirements specified in the California Health and Safety Code and the California Code of Regulation, Tittle 22

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