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Child and Family Monitoring Visitation Service provides monitored visitation, intake interview, supervised exchanges, objective and detailed reports, as well as court appearances.


Services are made available by Certified Professional Visitation Monitors, who have been cleared by the Department of Justice and are registered with Trust Line Registry. Monitors have current Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation certificates, and are Personal Development Trainers.


Each monitor has participated in a personal interview and demonstrates a desire to advocate for families.


We believe that family bonding is forever in hopes that we can assist in the process.

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When you Die, Will I Have to push a Basket? offers practical, useful tools and information that will empower you in developing a Transitional Plan for your youth with disabilities. Advocacy tools, rights, responsibilities of governmental agencies, programs and supports such as Limited Conservatorship, work based programs and employers that hire individuals with disabilities are shared, as well as the personal journey of the author.


The book identifies the advocacy tools that were provided for the author’s grandson who was diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder, Other Health Impairments, (OHI), Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), Speech and Language Delay (LAS) and Developmental Disability (DD). As his case was unique, Gordon and her daughter have fought a heart-warming battle with educational and employment agencies in an effort to provide impacting resources for him, in which his life has been beyond belief.


For parents, educator and or professional who did know where to look, When you Die, Will I have to push a Basket? is here!

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Handbook to When you Die, Will I have to push a Basket...” Developing a transition plan for youth with disabilities from high school to adulthood” is a one of a kind handbook identifying the critical elements of transitioning youth with disabilities from high school to adulthood. The handbooks includes transition planning, transition services, student, family, community and inter-agency involvement, instruction, inclusion access, student assessments, student and parent surveys, federal laws, transition competencies checklist, and a sample of a special needs trust which are all youth centered.Services provided by the school districts, Department of Rehabilitation, regional centers, forms to identify the interests, skills, strengths and the challenges of the youth, which will strengthen the transition plan are also included in the handbook.The handbook is a companion to the book, When you die, Will I have to push a Basket… a self-help guidebook for parents of youth with a disability. The self-help guidebook is filled with significant information and easy to follow guidelines in the pursuit of an optimum quality of life for youth with disabilities. It is also designed to empower parents with significant tools, support services, and advocacy skills in promoting what's in the best interest of their youth educationally, emotionally, socially, and psychologically as they matriculate from school into the world of work. Pushing a basket is symbolic to being homeless and the hopelessness that it entails as a special needs adult. The book offers practical useful tools/resources, employers that hire individuals with disabilities and information that will aid parents in developing a transitional plan for their youth from childhood into adulthood. Pertinent easy to understand knowledge and advocacy tools, the rights and responsibilities of governmental agencies, programs and supports, i.e. guardianship and work based programs are presented with contact information. Transitional Planning is essential to the success of individuals with disabilities.