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Limited Conservatorship

Limited Conservator is a court arrangement where a named adult becomes the conservator for a developmentally disabled adult. A limited conservatorship gives the caregiver or conservator the legal right to make certain decisions for another adult.  A developmentally disabled adult may not be able to make decisions for themselves about their healthcare, finances, or living situation which is why a conservator is appointed and granted the appropriate powers through the court conservatorship proceeding.  It may take at least a month to get a court date, the amount of time to obtain a court date varies by court.

The process for being appointed the Limited Conservator of an adult with a developmental disability has five major steps.



  1. Gather the required information and complete the Limited Conservatorship Information Form provided.

  2. File forms with the court and obtain the court date.

  3. Notify the required people.

  • Five relatives

  • Regional Center Coordinator

  • Physician

     4. Receive information from Court Investigator

    5. Proposed conservator and perspective conservatee (person with the disability) attend the court hearing.



  1. Screening with proposed conservator

  2. Complete court documents

  3. Submit forms to the court.

  4. Obtain hearing date.

  5. Issue the forms to proposed conservator to be completed by physician.

  6. Send necessary forms to regional center coordinator.

  7. Make (3) copies of all the correspondence.

  8. File proof of service

  9. Return to court with all completed forms.

  10. Meet w/ proposed conservator and guide him or her through the court proceedings

Cost for services are  $995.00, fee waiver is requested for court filing (if applicable).  

Additional fees will be discussed and applied if client is not eligibile for a fee wavier.

Limited  Conservatorshipship Information

Proposed Conservatee's Information

Regional Center Coordinator Information

Petitioner's  Information

List the names, addresses and relationships of the proposed conservatee's parents, grandparents, children, grandchildren, siblings, so far as known by the petition below:

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