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Who We Are

Pedestrians from an Ariel View

Gayle Gordon

Founder & CEO

Throughout Gayle Gordon’s life she has always had a heart for those who are deprived of a decent standard of living due to disabling conditions.  Gordon founded Parent Alliance for Special Education in which she partnered with various other community-based organizations to provide education to parents of children with disabilities. She is also the founder  -Chief Executive Officer of Empower Training Institute Inc., and the author of When you Die, Will I have to Push a Basket---a self-help book for parents.


Gordon has received a Bachelor of Science degree in Human Services from Springfield College School of Human Services , and a Master of Arts degree in Education from Pepperdine University School of Education and Psychology.  Gayle Gordon understands her purpose is to support and advocate for others, as she is the heart of Empower Training Institute Inc.

Kevin Sheppard

Chief Financial Officer

Kevin Sheppard’s has been professionally trained in real estate, sales, financial management and marketing.  He and his wife are co owners  of A & K Vending Services.  The vision of the company is to be the best vending machine service in Southern California and the Nevada areas.  A & K Vending prides itself on superior customer service, and markets products according to the request of it’s customers.

Kevin is currently working with companies, corporations and individuals to improve their vending services as well as mentoring new vending machine business owners and one day hopes to start a training program.  


Kevin’s background and passion has lead him to use his knowledge and experiences to helping Empower  Training Institute Inc. to grow and learn the nuances of business and finance.  

He is definitely a leader who can see how things can be improved and rallies people to move forward to a better vision, while striving to work toward making his vision of providing an optimum services a reality.  Kevin Sheppard is a visionary who has purpose and determination. 



Tess Brown

Office Manager

Nicole Utley

Secretary/Program Manager 

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