Advocate for

Youth in Foster Care

  • Statistical Data

  • Education & Barriers

  • Assembly Bills 490, 167/216, Senate Bill 578

  • Advocacy Toolsfe Stories


Communication is the Key

  • Understand different styles of communicating

  • Explore roadblocks to open communication

  • Learn the Active Listening technique

  • Communication and Learning Styles


Building Performance Teams

  • Benefits of works as a T.E.A.M.

  • Learn stages of a team

  • Trust the team process

  • How to be a Team Player

  • Becoming a Performance Teamc


Managing Your


  • Preparation

  • Procreation

  • Urgency vs. Important

  • Scheduling


Discipline Versus Punishment

  • ​Understanding of discipline and appropriate limits

  • Styles of parenting

  • Individual parenting style

  • Effective discipline techniques

  • Affects of punishment

Effective Learning_edited.jpg

Creating an Effective Learning Environment

  • Definition of a Learning Environment?

  • Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs

  • Music while studying

  • Group activity-Creating a learning environment

  • Different types of learners

  • Strategies for Resistant Learners

  • Learning


Navigating Educational Systems

  • Special Education

  • Definition eligible disabilities, goals and benchmarks

  • Individualized Education Program (IEP)

  • Definition, Process / Timeline, Placement Options

  • 504 Plan

  • Definition, qualifying conditions

  • CSW Responsibilities


Stress Reduction and Self Care

  • Emotional Development Tips

  • Self Care

  • Who are you?

  • Principals and Framework of Self Care

  • Burnout

  • Resilience Assessment

  • Wellness Wheel

  • Self Care Tools


Parent-Teacher Conference Time

  • Get to know your child’s teachers

  • Discuss child’s strengths and weaknesses

  • Inform teachers of your child’s needs

  • Share any needed family crisis

  • Find out how they can help at home

  • Learn to ask the teachers questions about their child


Blueprint for Life

  • Self Awareness

  • Career Development Exploration

  • Portfolio

Meeting red and blue.jpg

Faciliation Made Easy

  • A foundation in the theory of Stages of Group Development

  • Overview of the role of the facilitator

  • Practice using a wide range of tools and techniques

  • Small group exercises

  • Facilitation in running effective meetings and or group sessions


Special Education and the Individual Education Plan

  • Eligibility of Special Education Program

  • State and Federal Government Laws

  • Educational Rights

  • Learning styles and differences in the way people learn

  • Access services for their child

  • Develop a quality Individual Education Plan for their child

  • Know what steps to take if their child does not receive the services stated on the IEP.

  • Know the types of disabilities the federal government recognizes as special education services


Workshop Rates

  • 1 Session   3 hours   Rate: $195.00

  • 1 Session   4 hours   Rate: $240.00

  • 1 Session   8 hours   Rate: $440.00

  • 8 Sessions  increments of 4 equals 32 hours     Rate: $1,600.00

  • ​Consultation fees: (1) 30 minutes free, $50.00 per hour thereafter.  NOTE: Course can be facilitated as indicated or packages can be designed to accommodate.