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Life After High School for Individuals with Disabilities



  • Individual Transition Plan

  • Individuals with Disability Act

  • Transition Planning

  • Measurable Goals 

  • Limited Conservatorship

  • Employment, Careers, Independent

  • Informal and Formal Assessments

  • 12 Step Process to “Develop 
    Transition Plan”

Student Learning Outcomes


Attendees will learn:

The importance of planning for life after high school for youth/young 
adults with disabilities

  • The12 step process to develop an   optimum transition plan

  • Available resources for adults with   disabilities

Workshop Topics

  • Advocating for Foster Youth

  • Biological and 
    Foster Parent Relationship

  • Discipline versus 

  • Communication is the Key

  • Creating an Effective
    Learning Environment

  • Life after High School
    for Individuals with

  • Self Care/Stress Reduction

  • Special Education and the
    Individual Education Plan

  • Team Building

  • What is the Next Step?

  • Becoming a Professional 
    Supervised Visitation Monitor

  • Black Table Talk Mentoring Program

  • Blue Print for Life

  • Developing a Transitional Life Plan

  • Facilitation 101

  • Youngins Sisterhood Society

Training Series

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